Past Projects

Office – Government – Industrial – Laboratory 


Office Projects

YP Building II

Yellow Pages

555 staff, Vendor procurement, Onsite move/vendor management, 80,000sq.ft building

Creative Move Management provided guidance and onsite management for this two phase relocation of 555 staff and IT equipment over the course of eight months. We were first tasked with engaging and tendering for the vendors required to Re-Re desktop IT equipment, and the construction companies for decommissioning the old building; both of which were very large projects in their own right. During the relocation project, we worked with Yellow Pages Management on scheduling and staff communications, while providing guidance on relocation methodologies and expected outcomes. During the very hectic move days, Creative Move Management provided onsite management of movers and IT team tasked with the very arduous work required to install more than a thousand monitors on monitor arms and setup over 600 computers. At the completion of each move phase, Yellow Pages staff were back working within 20min of their arrival Monday morning!!!

MEC Head Office

Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC)

265 staff, Vendor procurement, Onsite management for moves, Asset disposal, Decommissioning, Two buildings, 60k sq.ft

Project management of the relocation and decommissioning of two office buildings totaling 60,000sq.ft. The first of three elements in this six month multi-phase relocation project required the move of 265 staff, manufacturing equipment, laboratory, storage, and typical office furniture. To ensure best results, a combined move and disposal tender was developed for vendor procurement. The second element involved asset disposal including 700 desks, 1200 workstation panels, 400 chairs, and various office furnishings. In order to minimize recycling and disposal, Creative Move Management brought in multiple organizations including school boards, charities and other commercial businesses to reuse much of the assets. In one instance, our client received a substantial tax credit for this re-purposing. Substantial building decommissioning was the final element in this project. It saw Creative Move Management spend many hours procuring and overseeing multiple vendors required to set both buildings “back to base” in order to meet lease requirements set out by the property management company. 


Vancouver Foundation

Vancouver Foundation

75 staff, vendor procurement and management for moves, asset disposal, and decommissioning, two floors of Harbor Center

Creative Move Management was hired to coordinate the move, disbursement of surplus assets and decommissioning of an entire floor and a half of the Vancouver Harbor Center. Working with the furniture vendor, IT/communications team, interior designer, general contractor, property management, fine art and commercial moving companies over a three month period; we completed the physical move in just three (3) days. This project also provided the opportunity to give a few local charities some lightly used office furnishings for free.


Brand Alliance

20 staff, vendor procurement and management for moves, asset disposal, and decommissioning, 30k sq.ft

Coordination for the relocation of our client’s 20 staff, disposal of a large amount of surplus assets, and over saw the decommissioning of their 30,000sq.ft building. As the move consisted of mostly contents and not furniture, the bulk of our work was focused on procuring vendors for the decommissioning and finding the least expensive way to dispose of their office furniture. At the conclusion of this project, our client not only avoided the cost for this disposal, but actually received a small income tax credit!


Joel Berman Glass Studios – Show room and Offices

Ten staff, vendor management for move of office furniture, storage, and show pieces

Moved from Granville Island to Annacis Island in a 2-phase approach over two weekends so as to not disrupt showroom business. All assets including workstations, mass filing, storage, and streams of glass samples moved without incident. With the team all together in their 47,000 sq ft facility, Berman Glass can offer clients better customer care with greater product development, streamlined production, and coordinated project management. 


CREO Corporate Office and Training facility

20 staff, 10 training rooms Re-Re after renovations, asset procurement, floor plan design, 13K sq.ft

This project required the use of swing space (temporary relocation), floor plan design, furniture procurement and moves. The project was especially challenging as employees had to move twice and extensive, timely communications, negotiations and compromises were planned by both project management and stakeholders. Although these compromises resulted in numerous changes within the schedule, the scope and objectives remained and were completed on time.


Nextpress Rochester NY

CREO/SCITEX – Offices and Training Facilities

High value asset relocation from three US locations simultaneously to Vancouver, 24K sq.ft

Coordinated the consolidation and simultaneous closure of corporate offices and training facilities from California, Illinois, and Massachusetts too Vancouver Canada. As this project involved facilitating the relocation of several locations throughout the United States and the careful shipment of numerous pieces of hi-tech equipment; communication among movers, facility management, customs brokers, and a host of other stakeholders became very important. Also due to the distances between offices, the project involved heavy control over scope and schedules.


Golden Valley Foods

Golden Valley Foods – Food Processing Office

25 staff and office furniture, move vendor procurement and management, 3k sq.ft

BC’s largest grading and wholesaler of shell and processed eggs hired Creative Move Management to help relocate their offices into a brand new 81,000sq ft facility. This project took weeks to plan and only four days to move. We were tasked with procuring estimates for moving contractors, communicating move instructions to staff, creating the office floor plans and coordinating the activities of our client’s General Contractor, IT service provider and of course the moving company.


Eastman Kodak 

Ten training rooms, 200 computers, Hi-value assets from Vancouver to New York, 12k sq.ft

Over a four month period, relocated a 12,000 square foot Vancouver training facility and offices to New York. During this project a number of move workshops were presented to employees in both Canada and the United States, updating staff on timelines and move strategies. This training was necessary because the majority of costly and sensitive electronic equipment was being used right until moving day. Once all the furniture and equipment was loaded, the move utilized two 52 ft trailers.


Think 4-D Inc.

Three offices, and industrial equipment from Langley to Winnipeg, move vendor procurement and management, 2.5k sq.ft

Coordinated the long distance relocation of a hi-tech printing company from Langley to Winnipeg. This project required us to move multiple offices, hi-value/sensitive printing equipment, disassemble industrial racking and palatalize the assets in preparation for transfer. Using a 52’ft long-hall trailer, we ensured it reached its destination without incident.

Government Projects

Government of Canada

Federal Government – High Security Dept.

300 staff and office furniture moves, move vendor procurement and management, 40K sq.ft

Move Consultation for a 300 person, multi building move project. Working with SNC Lavalin and a government project managers; Creative Moves assisted with the tender process by creating the move vendor’s scope of work, leading site walk through, and providing guidance on relocation tasks. Throughout the project, we also worked on scheduling, staff communications, and onsite management during move days.

Government of Canada

Federal Government – Education

20 staff, office furniture, 5 training rooms, move vendor procurement and management, 4.5K sq.ft

Working with SNC Lavalin and a government project manager we did the Move Coordination for 20 staff and 5 classrooms from a 4,500sq.ft office space. Creative Move Management formulated the move vendor portion of required Request for Proposal (RFP). This required taking inventory of assets moving, creating the scope of work for movers, and various site walk-throughs.

Government of Canada

Federal Government – High Security Dept.

65 staff, office furniture and board rooms, move vendor procurement and management, 10k sq.ft

Building to building relocation of 65 staff, office furniture, and boardrooms. Move consultant provided guidance on scheduling, vender procurement, expected move methodologies, staff communications, and onsite management during move days.

Government of Canada

Federal Government – High Security Dept.

30 staff, move vendor procurement and management, 8k sq.ft

Floor to floor move of 30 staff. Move consultant provided guidance on scheduling, vendor procurement, expected move methodologies, staff communications, and onsite management during moves and installation of workstations.  

Kinsmen Lodge

Kinsmen Place Lodge – Fraser Health Authority (HSSBC)

80 full time residents, 157 hospital beds, 20 offices, commercial kitchen, medical equipment, move vendor procurement and management, 80K sq.ft 

Coordinated the relocation of an entire 7 story building housing a 24 hour “Complex Care” facility in Surrey B.C. This relocation took six (6) move days, 986 man hours, and close to 40 five ton trips. The most challenging aspect of this project was dealing with a ridged move schedule created to accommodate the residents’ physical move. Precise labeling and on site management was essential throughout this four month project as there were a great deal of assets to be moved. Assets included: offices, commercial kitchen, medical equipment, 157 hospital beds.


City of Richmond's Garret Wellness Centre

Garratt Wellness Center – City of Richmond

Six classrooms,  five offices, fitness equipment, move vendor procurement and management, 11k sq.ft

Managed the temporary removal and storage of six (6) classrooms, five (5) offices and a large fitness facility while renovations took place. Once completed, Creative Move Management ensured each asset was re-installed in the same position that it was moved from this 11,000 sq.ft facility. Our coordination and onsite move management ensured the facility opened on schedule.

 Industrial Projects


WEIR Minerals – Heavy Industrial Manufacturing

Onsite project lead for industrial equipment fit-up, vendor management (40+ contractors), 114k sq.ft 

Served as the full time (daily) onsite project manager and site supervisor for the industrial equipment fit-up and fixturing for a Beedie built 140,000sq.ft tilt-up in South Surrey. Reporting to management in Toronto, we were responsible for overseeing trades, logistical transport, critical lifts, installation of large equipment, inspections, and dealing with construction/fit-up conflicts. On site trades, up to 40 workers at one time, included installers for OEM equipment, compressed air, boiler, electricians, plumbers, ventilation, welding gases, roofing, overhead crane, network, alarm, office furniture, and signage.


BOSCH Rexroth Canada Corp – Light Industrial

30 staff, industrial equipment and furniture moves, asset disposal, decommissioning, vendor procurement for moves and TI, 8k sq.ft

As this light industrial hydraulics company was based in Ontario, we acted as relocation General Contractor and Project Manager for the relocation of their 8,000sq.ft industrial shop and 28 person office. This facility contained large test stands, hydraulic machinery, technical tools, hi-bay racking and four “sea cans” full of equipment and parts. Creative Move Management engaged and procured service providers such as Architect, Construction Management, engineers, industrial mover, commercial mover, systems furniture, and clean-up crew for the facility decommissioning.


Hudson Plating & Powder Coating – Heavy Industrial

Heavy industrial equipment and chemical moves, asset disposal, decommissioning, vendor procurement and management, 30k sq.ft

Move management for this 30,000sq ft. factory project included coordinating the dismantling and moves twenty (20) 2000gal tanks, Chromic acid, Nitric acid, cyanide, 17.ton surface grinders, 3,800lb roof fans/scrubbers, 20 high voltage rectifiers and countless skids of bus-bar and anodes. All these elements and the numerous contractors required intensive scheduling to avoid contractor stacking as the facility was a dangerous area requiring ample room for each contractor to work. Creative Move management engaged, procured, and coordinated contractors for dangerous goods transfer, chemical disposal, industrial riggers, movers, millwrights, cleanup crews, and multiple electrical vendors. The project finished up with the contract to coordinate the final asset disposal and pre-demolition facility decommissioning.


Summit Print Corp – Industrial Printing

20 staff and light industrial equipment moves, vendor procurement for moves and TI work, 20k sq.ft

Working with a small group of department heads, Creative Moves coordinated the relocation of 20 offices staff, warehouse and of course many large industrial printing machines. Due to the nature of the commercial print industry, we had to coordinate the move of assets in a closely orchestrated multi phase move to ensure minimum down time. Vendors engaged and coordinated in the project included Industrial movers, furniture movers, 52’ truck and trailers, industrial cleaning services, architect, HVAC vendor and general contractor.


Tall Grass Distribution – Distribution Center

30 staff, 15 offices, 2k ft. parts and shelving, move vendor procurement and management, 5k sq.ft

This distribution warehouse and office was a short one month project involved the relocation of 5,000sq.ft of warehouse space 30 staff and 15 offices. The most challenging part of this project was maintaining the order of product during relocation. With staff involvement, the 2,000 liner ft. of commercial shelves and millions of dollars worth of product was successful relocated with minimum downtime.

P.S.I. Fluid Power

PSI Power Fluids – Industrial Manufacturing

15 staff, 2k ft. parts and shelving, office furniture, and heavy industrial equipment, move vendor procurement and management, 23k sq.ft

This industry leading hydraulic components company with four locations across Canada used Creative Move Management to coordinate their move into a renovated 23,000 sq. ft facility in Richmond. After engaging commercial and industrial moving companies for the project we worked with the staff to develop move schedule and strategies. With short notice we were able to secure vendors to accommodate a fluid moving schedule. Onsite consultation and employee training for the move ensured the business was up and running on time.


Canadian Process and Control

Canadian Process and Control – Light Manufacturing

10 staff, light industrial equipment, move vendor procurement and management, 10k sq.ft

A business expropriated by the BC Highways and Transportation Department to accommodate the new Evergreen Line requested us to assist with their relocation. We engaged and coordinated the installation of the security system, security bars, exterior signage, and worked with the property management company, fire safety inspector, and city hall to ensure the floor plan met occupancy permit requirements. Coordinating the move entailed creating floor plans the moving company used to relocate the manufacturing equipment and office furniture.


Pico of Canada – Parts Distribution Center

10 staff, 5,000 linear ft. of parts and shelving, vendor procurement and management 17k sq.ft

At the successful conclusion of this three month renovation and relocation project; we coordinated the relocation of a 17,000sq.ft. warehouse and office facility housing more than five thousand (5k) liner ft. of parts and shelving ($2-$3 million inventory), 10 offices, and 30 employees. We also procured multiple estimates for TI (renovations), warehouse re-lamping, racking, VOIP phone system, waste management, and commercial move contractor. This three day move used over 500 man hours and approximately 20 trips using five ton trucks.



NORCAN Fluid Power – Industrial Manufacturing

20 staff, 2k ft. parts and shelving, office furniture, and heavy industrial equipment, move vendor procurement and management, 23k sq.ft

Consulted on the two phase relocation of Western Canada’s premier supplier of hydraulic equipment. This business moved an office, design studio, manufacturing, and inventory areas from Richmond to a new 23,000 sq. ft facility in Langley, 40km away! After procuring estimates from movers, laborers, and disposal companies we created the relocation timeline and instructed the 22 employees on move procedures.


CNC Machine for iThink4D

Asset Relocation to Manitoba

Heavy industrial equipment, move and crating vendor procurement and management

We also coordinate the relocation of large individual assets such as this 21,000lbs.(9526kg) CNC Machine; which moved from Langley B.C. to Winnipeg Manitoba. This project required large handmade crates, technicians to prep the machine for transport, specialized movers to pack and load the unit and then finally a low-ride flat deck transport truck bound for Manitoba.

Laboratory Projects

Certispec Services

Certispec Services Inc

Three facility consolidation, asset disposal, and decommissioning, 45 staff, scientific laboratory equipment, vendor procurement and management all elements of the relocation, 30k sq.ft 

Creative Moves was tasked with the consolidation of three office/laboratory facilities into one new super lab. This multi phase project required the procurement of 40 used lab benches and 6 fume hoods, move coordination, asset disposal, and facility decommissioning. Although construction issues made for a challenging move schedule, it was brought to a successful conclusion. Our support allowed the client to focus on construction and daily business throughout the lengthy project.




Two facility consolidation, 75 staff, scientific laboratory equipment, vendor procurement and management all elements of the relocation, 64k sq.ft 

One of the world’s largest analytical laboratories had us consolidate the assets of two facilities into a new 75,000sq.ft building. This project required the relocation of millions worth of sensitive lab equipment, fire assay furnaces, 30 offices, 40 workstations, and over 100 employees. Throughout this project we coordinated many service providers including commercial movers, specialized equipment manufacturers, mechanical contractors, carpenters and of course the movers.


SGS Laboratories

Three facility consolidation, 80 staff, scientific laboratory equipment, vendor procurement and management of moves, asset disposal, and decommissioning, 65k sq.ft 

This comprehensive project had Creative Move Management coordinate the consolidation, decommissioning, and closure of four scientific testing laboratories. These buildings, located throughout Metro Vancouver included heavy machinery, bulk storage, Fire Assay, 60 offices, 40 workstations, 80 employees and millions worth of sensitive lab equipment. Moving our client into their newly renovated 65,000sq.ft facility required us to engage and coordinate a myriad of vendors. These service providers included OEM manufacturers, specialty movers, mechanical, electrical and general contractors, interior/exterior signage companies, leased equipment vendors, property management, interior designers, demolition companies, and both of course both commercial and industrial movers.

Pace Chemicals

Pace Chemicals – Alberta Office

Asset procurement and facility fit-up for a light industrial building in Edmonton, 15k sq.ft

This light industrial company contracted Creative Moves to procure everything for their new 15,000sq.ft office opening in Edmonton Alberta. We were also contracted to travel to the new office in order to receive assets and ensure the facility was ready for business before the employees and management moved in. We procured almost everything to get it up and running including office furniture, forklift, industrial racking, electrical contractors and IT/communications vendors.


…and more!