Business Profile

Description of Company:

Creative Move Management plans and coordinates projects for organizations starting up, renovating, downsizing or moving to new locations. Clients hire us as a turnkey solution to sort out the details and deal with all the headaches throughout the entire project; allowing staff and management to focus on daily tasks. We do not simply manage the move of your assets; we engage and coordinate all the elements required for the project! This includes staff, facilities, furniture, movers, property management and any service provider required for IT, Phones, Signage, Leased assets, Building decommissioning and more.


Value in Service:

1.)  Turnkey solution for relocation projects.
2.)  Pre-move, Move Day, and Post Move assistance.
3.)  Reduce staff frustration, with seamless transitions.
4.)  A dedicated, experienced resource looks after your interests.
5.)  Client ROI = Preventing one day down will pay for our service!
6.)  Reduce the time spent hand holding departments through moves.
7.)  We focus on the entire relocation project, not just moving the assets.
8.)  Be prepared to deal with short term-lease or sudden relocation needs.
9.)  Ease the concerns of moving when considering real-estate transactions.
10.)  Change in scope or timeline is easier to communicate with one point of contact.
11.)  Our well established relationships with industry vendors save you time and effort.
12.)  A single point of contact provides streamlined accountability. “One throat to choke“.
13.)  Management and staff can focus on daily activities, maximizing business continuity.


Purpose and History:

After serving a very successful 10 years relocating millions in assets and office-industrial buildings for a fortune 500 company, Jason realized that many organizations were wasting time and money coordinating their moves using inefficient and inexperienced in-house staff. Utilizing a formal education in project management and his years of experience, Creative Move Management was created to coordinate all the required elements in commercial relocation projects; allowing management and staff to remain focused on their daily tasks.

In 2011 Creative Move Management was asked to provide an interview for Business In Vancouver’s “Relocation Guide”, qualified as a preferred vendor for Health Shared Services British Columbia (HSSBC), and assisted eight (8) businesses relocate more than 150,000 sq. ft. and 200+ employees.

In 2012 Creative Move Management worked with multiple clients coordinating numerous vendors relocating more than 300,000sq.ft., over 500 employees and millions in assets. The year ended with the invitation to write an article on commercial relocations for Vancouver Board of Trade and Business in Vancouver Publications.

In 2013 Creative Move Management worked not only in Metro Vancouver but traveled to Edmonton to procure assets, set-up, and commission a 5,200sq.ft. building for a Burnaby company starting operations in Alberta. Throughout 2013, we focused not only on Industrial Equipment organizations with footprints totaling over 200,00sq.ft., but also had the opportunity to coordinate the relocation of a prestigious Architectural glass manufacturer from Granville Island and over 100 office staff from a floor and a half of the Vancouver Harbor Center. We closed out the year by hiring a Mandarin speaking Director of International Relations who flew to Beijing China in order to begin negotiations for our first large international relocation project.

In 2014 Creative Move Management broke the mark of moving over a thousand employees in one year with the relocation of two (2) Federal Government Departments, Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) head office and various other clients. This year also provided the opportunity to manage a couple of large scale asset disposal and facility decommissioning projects. Through our efforts, countless surplus assets were diverted from landfill to charities and local schools… one client even received a charitable tax credit for $10,000! The year was highlighted with a cover article in The Western Investor; Western Canada’s premiere commercial real estate investment publication.