Owners of small to medium size businesses often struggle with the decision to relocate. Whether a move is to accommodate a reorganization or simply to find a better location, the same three concerns come up; can we afford the cost? Do we have the resources? Can we move without losing our day to day revenue stream? If reading this raises your pulse, relax and take a deep breath. The best way to answer these questions is to organize the move on paper first. Knowing what you need, will help you understand if you have it or not.
Write out:
• Preliminary timeline, considering:
o When do we NEED to move?
o Can we move while we are closed?
o When could the new facility be ready?
o When can movers do the actual move?
o When do we need to order new furniture and equipment?
o How long will it take to get the business back up and running?
• Resource needs, considering:
o How do I find contractors?
o How do I obtain renovation bids?
o Who will manage the renovations?
o What renovations will be required?
o How will we find a good moving Co.?
o Who will manage the physical move?
o What kind of project help will be required?
o How much employee time can be dedicated to this project?
• Budget:
o How much will renovations cost for the new facility?
o What new equipment/furniture needs to be purchased?
o How much time ($) will I (YOU) need to spend on this project?
>How much time ($) will employees need to spend on this project?
What extra costs might be involved with a late/weekend move?

Keep in mind that businesses which “do it themselves” waste a large amount of time and relocation budget sourcing out movers, obtaining contractor bids, and managing all the little details when they should be focusing on day to day revenue generation. A move management professional will take all the details, headaches and juggling out of your hands by managing ALL aspects involved in your relocation.