Considerations for Timing a Commercial Relocation

Considerations for Timing a Commercial Relocation

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As the old adage goes, “timing is everything”. This is especially true when undertaking a commercial relocation project. To ensure a smooth and economically responsible relocation move management professionals will help figure out all the issues around the timing of your project. Of course every business has their own considerations but here are a few Creative Moves suggestions: 

– When are commercial movers available?

– When will resources cost you the least to utilize?                                                      

– When do your employees expect to take vacations?                                               

– Are seasonal or calendar-date business fluctuations a concern?                       

– When could you have all the resources in place for the relocation?                 

– When do employees have available time to dedicate to this project?              

– When do you NEED to move? i.e.) lease expired, financial reasons, ect.         

– Consider penalties and incentives in both new and old lease agreements.