What’s Preventing you from Relocating your Business?

What’s Preventing you from Relocating your Business?

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Owners of small to medium size businesses often struggle with the decision to relocate. Whether a move is to accommodate a reorganization or simply to find a better location, the same three concerns come up; can we afford the cost? Do we have the resources? Can we move without losing our day to day revenue stream? If reading this raises your pulse, relax and take a deep breath. Knowing what you need, will help you understand the scope of the project and answer many of your questions.

Write out:
Preliminary timeline, considering:
• When do we NEED to move?
• Can we move while we are closed?
• When could the new facility be ready?
• When can movers do the actual move?
• When do we need to order new furniture and equipment?
• How long will it take to get the business back up and running?

Resource needs, considering:
• How do I find contractors?
• How do I obtain renovation bids?
• Who will manage the renovations?
• What renovations will be required?
• How will we find a good moving Co.?
• Who will manage the physical move?
• What kind of project help will be required?
• How much employee time can be dedicated to this project?

• How much will renovations cost for the new facility?
• What new equipment/furniture needs to be purchased?
• How much time ($) will I (YOU) need to spend on this project?
• How much time ($) will employees need to spend on this project?
• What extra costs might be involved with a late/weekend move?

Keep in mind that businesses which “do it themselves” waste a large amount of time and relocation budget sourcing out movers, obtaining contractor bids, and managing all the little details when they should be focusing on day to day revenue generation. A move management professional will take all the details, headaches and juggling out of your hands by managing ALL aspects involved in your relocation.