Is your Business Moving?

We plan and coordinate relocations for organizations starting up, expanding, downsizing, renovating or moving to new locations.

Who Has The Time?

Allowing us to coordinate all the vendors, assets, staff and facilities throughout the project ensures your employees can remain focused on daily operations

Maximizing Business Continuity

Clients hire us as a turnkey solution to sort out the details and deal with all the headaches before, during and after the physical moves

Bad Moving Eperience?

As Move Consultants working for you, we ensuring the best performance from all required service providers. Our interests lie in what is best for your organization.

Initial Consultation

We will not waste your time. You and a move management professional will review the project and decide if our services will benefit your organization

Furniture/Equipment Procurement

We have established alliances with diverse, reputable suppliers – meaning you can put the creation of your new space completely into our hands

Move Coordination

Working with clients start to finish, we begin with "Planning & Preparation"; discovering your needs and project goals, then developing timelines and strategies. Passing into the "Move Management" phase for the execution of the moves; and finally the "Post-move" process ensuring client assets & employees are productive in their new location.
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All Inclusive Move Management

Across the hall or across the continent, we do not simply manage the move of your assets; we engage and coordinate ALL the service providers required for your relocation project! This could include an Architect, Designer, General Contractor, Property Manager, Signage, Furniture Vendor, IT, Alarms, Communications, Recycling and so much more…
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Commercial Relocation Costs

Need to know the cost of moving in order to create a budget, justify the relocation or value during expropriation by the Government / Trans-link? Familiarity with the industry enables us to quickly procure quotes for ALL service providers required for your relocation. Our services can often be paid for during expropriation process.
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